* Images of tea leaves are not to scale and are for illustration purposes only.


* Images of tea leaves are not to scale and are for illustration purposes only.


Signature Teas

  • Overview

    The packaging design for our Signature teas has been carefully considered from the ground up and no element has been procured as an off the shelf item from our partners around the world. All materials and shapes have been customized from personal creations to most appropriately suit our packaging needs. A special thanks goes out to our partners for the tireless effort and continual support shown throughout production of all packaging components. Without them our project would be impossible to realize and for that we are extremely grateful.

  • Nutrition

    Our friends at MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry) define materials in one of two fundamental categories – biological and technical nutrition. The model is based on nutrition and when nutrition is the focus then the notion of waste can be eliminated. We need to begin with helpful materials and keep biological nutrients such as wood and cotton in the “biosphere” and manage technical nutrients like metal and plastic within the “technosphere.”

  • Aluminium

    We chose aluminium as the material for our Signature level canister because of the everlasting recycling potential, minimal associated energy requirements, zero chemical degradation across lifecycles, as well as the maximized value quotient of aluminium as a raw material that highly encourages keeping it well within the proper technosphere.

    Please continue joining with us in our common pursuit of health and intentionality. Keep the package if it’s helpful as a canister to repurpose for another use, recycle it if needed to watch it continue as part of the technosphere, or send it back to us and we will gladly make sure it gets the best possible chance at continued life.